miercuri, august 18, 2010

More New York

On the other hand it's an amazing city...hard to say if it's beautiful or not it's just hugely and outrageously different. I think the most mind blowing thing is that although being systematized some two centuries ago, the city is still highly functional considering the exponential technology evolution that took place in the 20th century. That's just awesome man!

Megalomaniac (maybe it's too tough but that's how it should had been "seen" by europeans at that time)  structures built in the 19th century as the Brooklyn Bridge or early 20th century buildings as the Flatiron building (1911 I think) or the Empire State Building (1931 I can bet on that) which has been built in a year only...that is also NY.

joi, august 12, 2010


It struck me that it's not the romanians who do reality movies..(we are too keen on nostalgia and "vintage") ... truth really is that US movies contain let's say less fiction than the nyc reality ...  the action, the comedy, the science fiction and the trill are all rapped up in the big rotten apple (disclaimer: there's no drift in regard of Apple god praise it's name;-)

People are loners enclosed in their glass spheres covered by the vivid commercials and the new yorker's cult (i. e. it's huge to be an american but being a new yorker it's the cherry on top of the rock), in a place more crowded than a sardine can.

Manhattan is a filthy gorgeous devilish place where the angels come to party...everything is huge compared to Europe... cars, buildings, people and even fruits (pe principiul "dar asta ce e?" ... " mazare mah, mazare mazare" pt cine stie bancul si cu ocazia asta poate vor ajunge la mine si cei ce-l cauta pe brazilianul primar al Constantei)

Hai ca pun si poze gata ca am ars-o destul aiurea...