duminică, iunie 26, 2011

Women are angels... wait no.. women have wings... it's a passion play

Man, I just saw this movie and I've got to tell you about it. You must all know the dozens and dozens of photos of women with wings that stand in the rain...in the storm...in the desert...or whatever. Well it's a known symbol exploited nowadays without scrupulous or even any kind of conceptual basis. Women with wings rulzz and that's final. Actually it was Hollywood that gave many photographers "wings" and was acting like a photographer's muse for much too long. And we've seen a lot of photos/interpretations of the elephant man, Joker, black swan, superman, etc. Of course the woman with wings was not "invented" by some sharp shooters but just to seize the pleonasm, now it's Hollywood that gets all aroused by this idea mirrored and clicheed already. 

So, hold on to your seats, here comes the good part, man you've got to see this movie... aaa...where was I ?! .... aaa...I'm at home ... A!  ok...I was saying... it's just epic, awesome ... the film, right ?!
There's this guy that I knew he died from the beginning (just to set this straight) and apparently he got away and met this woman with wings...yeah ok...we've seen women with beards .... cut in half ... prostituting on TV .... photoshop or some handy entrepreneur can figure something out. But no, this one really has them stuck on her back. We can swallow this ...we've watched Avatar and shit. Ok, so she does have wings , now what ? Let's take pictures of her and figure out a way of taking advantage of her freakness. So we did,  and where did this take us? Broke, beaten, drowned in booze and most unfortunate ... desperately in love with the winged beautiful creature. Damn with the angels proximity mumbling bumbling. They are here and one can touch them...even have sex with them. 
Anyways, after a few tens of minutes of 2010-2011 bad movie, you know what she did? So, let me remind you and please take notes like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction... we have one woman ... having wings ..ah ok...bat man, cat woman ... no, real wings with real feathers grown from her back ( I know what you're thinking ... special clothes must have cost her a fortune) being used as a private angel or a freak show. Ok, noted! Bro, she flies away under the mafia nose caring also our dear friend 140 kg Mickey (big applause for The Wrestler). Oh, man that's just glorious and awesomely epic. And now in the woman with wings/angel/bird's view you can see that he was dead in the first place (I figure that out from the start...told you so). So why all that fuss ? It's just like when Bobby Ewing died in Pamela's dream. Well, my credits go to the writer's clarity. Maybe you've never fainted or died before but in that split second you have the longest dream ever and if you happen to run into Megan Fox ... with wings or whatever she wears ... all for the better. 

I can already see the web filled with winged women again. Just hope they launch a plug-in warning about the circular reference.

vineri, iunie 24, 2011

Long exposures & trains